Join us on a special experience to hand-select a barrel from Sazerac’s award-winning global distilleries

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How It Works

Sazerac Barrel Select is an exclusive, private experience for individuals and small groups to visit our distilleries and select their very own single barrel by sampling a selection of the finest barrels available


Apply for membership, it’s complimentary.


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Secure a barrel allocation through quarterly drawings and plan your trip.


Tour, taste, & personalize your spirit.


Track your barrel as it makes its way to you.


What's Included

Go on a special journey to hand-select your barrel and make it your own.


Our portfolio of barrel select brands offers exclusive access to the world’s finest distilleries



“We were fortunate enough to get the opportunity to purchase a private barrel of Buffalo Trace, and it was an unbelievable experience! Our gracious hosts Susannah and Fred led us on an incredible behind-the-scenes tour of the distillery and through our tasting and selection process, and we couldn’t be more delighted with the result! Thank you so much to everyone at Buffalo Trace!” - Daniel A.


“Having the opportunity to purchase a private barrel of Buffalo Trace was one of the most unique and enjoyable experiences of my life. Our group said that this opportunity was the Super Bowl for bourbon lovers. Both Lance and Susannah were easy to communicate with throughout the selection process. We tasted some amazing bourbon and could not have been happier with our final choice.” -Collin M.


"The barrel select program at Buffalo Trace felt like a special once-in-a-lifetime experience with my friends. The behind-the-scenes tour was incredible, and the people were amazing. We tasted four different barrels before selecting our favorite. We couldn't believe how unique each barrel tasted. Getting our bottles and the actual barrel that our bourbon was aged in makes this an experience we'll remember forever." -Mark L.